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Dental veneers

Ceramic veneers are overlaid plates whose main task is to align the surface of the teeth, change the color and give a good shape of the dentition. The need for this dental service is easy to explain – everyone wants to have a Hollywood smile that adds charisma and makes it more attractive. This article will help you dispel some fears, understand when to put veneers, learn about their types and nuances of installation.

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Types of veneers

The main criterion for the distribution of veneers by species is the material of manufacture, namely:

  • ceramics
  • composite.

The most popular ceramic veneers, because they have aesthetic properties, strength and do not affect the fluids and tissues of the oral cavity. Composite veneers are special blanks of composite material in individual packaging. Components are cheaper, compared to other types of veneers, they are easier and faster to install, but their service life is not long – over time, the composite material changes color and shape.

Also, distinguish veneers by the method of preparation – with or without grinding teeth. The choice of preparatory measures is individual and depends on the patient’s initial situation and wishes. If you do not want to sharpen your teeth, the best choice is removable veneers (luminaries).


In what cases is it worth installing veneers?

Among the indications for the installation of veneers:

  • stains on the teeth;
  • defects in the enamel or its abrasion;
  • change of tooth color;
  • irregular tooth shape.

Unlike the crown, the maximum amount of healthy tooth tissue is retained when installing the veneer. However, if you have a bad bite, periodontal disease, bruxism or very large gaps between your teeth, dental veneers may chop while using or damage the enamel. In any case, you should consult a professional before telling the veneers the final “yes”.

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Installation of veneers

First of all, the doctor conducts a primary examination of the patient. If necessary, caries, periodontal disease, and other diseases are treated. The next stage of preparation for the installation of dental veneers – removing prints, creating a digital layout of the future smile, fitting the layout, grinding teeth, fixing temporary structures and manufacturing veneers.

Both the teeth and the custom made veneers are prepared for fixation by special technology to avoid damage to the adhesion of the material, the coloring of the edges and further sensitivity of the teeth.

Immediately after installing the veneers, there may be little difficulty with the pronunciation of individual sounds, or sensitivity to cold and hot may occur. This is a normal reaction to medical intervention and within a few days, all indicators come back to normal. If for any reason you feel discomfort, you should seek medical advice.


The noise around veneers in Ukraine gives birth to many stereotypes and myths, let's try to dispel some of them.

Myths and truth about veneers

Grinding will badly ruin your teeth

A place is really necessary for the installation of veneers, but in fact, only 0.1-0.3 mm of enamel is cut. This refinement can be compared to the natural process of wear of enamel, which in one way or another still happens over the years. In addition, if the patient is thinking about veneering, there are already aesthetics problems, and a slight sawing of the enamel is a small fee for the perfect smile.

Veneers will correct crooked teeth

And here is the pure water myth. Strong curvature or deep bite is a contraindication for installing veneers. The patient should know that in order to achieve good aesthetics, a healthy and even crooked tooth will have to be seriously sharpened. In this case, it is advisable to consult a qualified professional who will offer the best solution in your particular case.

Veneers do not put on fillings, teeth without nerves and a mandible

Put, and quite successfully. The fillings are pre-cut to avoid the intersection of the joints of the composite and ceramics, the teeth without nerves are covered with crowns, and for the teeth of the lower row are made of veneers according to the usual scheme.

Under the veneers, their teeth rot and rot. Falsehood

The cause of caries is the influence of the environment, namely germs, food, excess carbohydrates. A veneer is a plate that, on the contrary, protects against the influence of aggressive external factors and prevents them from spoiling the tooth. The most important thing here is to thoroughly cure caries before installing veneers.

You can buy removable veneers in the store and install them yourself

Such plates do not give the desired effect and in most cases are suitable only for photos with a "false smile".

It is painful, difficult to care for and temporary

The installation in many cases goes without anesthesia because the doctor works only within the enamel. In other words, the procedure is painless. Care includes standard measures - brushing your teeth twice a day, brushing once every 6 months, and scheduled dental examinations on schedule. The service life of veneers is from 10 to 20 years, depending on the type of construction. Earlier this term, the veneer can change color only if there is a cleavage and the pigment gets inside.

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Cost of service

Ceramic prices veneers for the manufacture and installation of veneers depending on the type of construction you choose, the additional methods and tools required in your individual case, as well as the complexity of the work. You can find out the exact cost of the service and get a detailed consultation of a specialist in Kyiv by filling out an application on our site, or by contacting the specified phone numbers.

By contacting Bilobrov Clinic, you are making a choice in favor of high-tech veneer manufacturing, experienced qualified dentists and a high level of service.

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